The Steamboat Toffee Company is pleased to announce the winner of our first contest!
Tawnya P. from Centennial, Colorado
We will post her celebration and thank-you video shortly.

Welcome to Famous Among Friends. This site was established to host the Mona’s Art to Go/The UnFramer video competition. All of the contestants are friends of Mona’s Art to Go/The UnFramer that have dedicated their time to letting their friends and the whole world know just how good Mona’s  really is!

As our way of saying THANK YOU, we’ll be giving a $1000 GIFT CERTICATE to the winner of the video competition.   The winner will be person who receives the MOST VOTES.  Simple as that.

So how can you become the  WINNER  of  a  $1000 GIFT CERTIFICATE? Try our services and send us a video of what this grand experience has done for you and how incredible your home looks now!

We’ll post your video right here on our website and anyone  can vote for you on your Mona’s experience!  Let your friends know what you’ve done and send them here to the contest to vote for you.